See through remote eyes

HPE MyRoom Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) redefines collaboration by combining MyRoom's robust features with wearable tech. With VRG, MyRoom users can view everything the wearable user sees in real-time, allowing them to provide feedback, help troubleshoot problems, take screen captures, and make annotations. Stay productive at a distance in your secure MyRoom environment with VRG.

HPE MyRoom Subscription Plans

Whether your colleagues, customers, partners, or students are across the street or around the world, you will make a great first impression with HPE MyRoom. Find the subscription type that best fits your needs.

MyRoom Basic
  • - 3-person account
  • - 1-room
    Features include :
  • Audio
  • Chat (Text)
  • Question Tool
  • Share application or desktop
  • Video
  • Whiteboard with annotation tools
MyRoom Premium
  • - 5, 10, 25, 100-person account
  • - 2-room
    All features of MyRoom Basic plus :
  • Persistent keys for 24x7 access to the room
  • Private chat
  • Record unlimited 2-hour sessions
  • Yes/No Polls
MyRoom University
  • - 25, 100, 250, 500-person account
  • - 2-room
    All features of MyRoom Basic and Premium plus :
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Request remote control of another desktop
  • Grant control of their own desktop
  • Surveys
  • Timers

Highlighted Features

HPE MyRoom is equipped with a variety of features to ensure that you have what you need to have a successful meeting—whether it be with business partners, customers, support clients, or students. Click through the features below to learn more.

Question Tool
Track ongoing questions or topics of discussion and their responses in one, convenient.
Annotation Tools
All participants can highlight, circle, or write on diagrams and photos to emphasize their points.
Preload files in your meeting room and make them available to participants as necessary.
Room Tray
“Drag and drop” your contacts into meetings to save time from sending them invitations or keys.
Conduct anonymous, multiple choice surveys on the fly and track the results later.
Yes/No Polls
Enable quick Yes/No polls and see each participant’s response.
Launch websites for everyone to keep them on the same page.
Text Translation
Automatically translate chats into your desired language, contact us to enable.
Mobile Device Download
Get MyRoom for your on-the-go devices.

How instructors use MyRoom

Interested in having an inside look at how our expert instructors use the MyRoom functions? Want to discover features that can be used in your own meetings?