Features and Functionality MyRoom Basic MyRoom Premium MyRoom University (includes Premium) MyRoom Assist (add to any Premium package)
18 Interface Languages
Each user can choose from the 18 different interface languages available.
Access rooms and events without account
Meeting guests don’t require a MyRoom account
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption
Encrypted audio, video and desktop content for secure communication
Android Client for Participant
High quality audio, video, content viewing, and meeting chat
Annotation Tools
Use drawing and text tools to draw attention to content
Give auditory and visual feedback using the applaud button
Audio Messaging
Create a Voice Message to leave for any of your MyRoom contacts
Breakout Rooms
Split participants into smaller groups, enable smaller discussions, work on lab exercises in small groups.
Chat (Text)
Text chat inside or outside a meeting
Copy Clipboard
Text can be copied from one machine to another, in either direction, by the person controlling the share
Event Scheduling
Schedule an event and forward a calendar invite
File Transfer
Transfer files from one user to another user
Get Remote System Information
Collect system information of a remote client
Provide files to accompany a meeting which users can save locally
Keep everyone on same page by using notes in center viewing area
Persistent Chat/Content
Content remains in the chat or room until explicitly deleted
Persistent Meeting Keys
Use the same key for meetings. This is especially helpful for recurring meetings
Use pointers to direct attention on screen; choose from Dot, Arrow or Picture pointers
Private chat
Text chat others in rooms. Share desktops to resolve issues.
Question Tool
Allows users to ask questions that can be referred to or answered by others in the room
Raise Hand
Use the Hand Up function to let others know you have a question
Record sessions
Record unlimited sessions and save the file locally (maximum duration varies by product)
  2 hours 2 hours
Remote Control
Grant remote control of your desktop to others in the room or request control of someone else's desktop
Assign read, write or administrator rights to Contacts for your room; administrator may schedule meetings for your room
Room Tray: bring ad hoc users into room
Pull another Contact into the conversation; drag and drop the name from the Contacts tab to the room
Share Application, Region or Entire Desktop
Share an application, a region of your desktop, or your desktop with others; Choose which desktop to share.
Snap Video
Snap a picture of a video image
Storage for persistent content
10MB 20MB 150MB
Support for customers, customer’s guests or employees 24X7, Worldwide access with international Toll Free Numbers
Gather important information from your attendees. See trends when surveys are used over time.
Create tables, update project status, filter results.
Manage breaks or exercises for your training events.
Show one or many high quality video.
Video Message
Create a Video Message to send to any of your MyRoom contacts
Virtual Room
Create a virtual room to store content and conduct meetings
1 Room 2 Rooms 2 Rooms
Waiting Room
Have your support users wait in a lobby until the next available agent can work with them. The agent can then move the user to one of the agent's support rooms to troubleshoot the issue.
Web Tour (guided)
Share your desk or region of your desk to provide a Web guided tour
Use Whiteboard for freehand designs or highlights during discussions
Yes/No Polls
Take a quick pulse of your audience or team by using the Yes / No poll