Whiteboard Menus - File

When you click on a Content item, two menu options appear over the Center Area, for Presenters only. Participants will see the menus if a Presenter grants access here. You can use the File menu to change the size of the item in the Center Area, print or export the Content item.


File Menu
The Click for "Actual Size"/Click for "Fit to Page" toggle option will increase the size of the display in the Center Area or reduce it so that the entire item is visible on the screen, no matter how small the MyRoom window has been made.

File Menu



Choosing Print... brings up the regular Print dialog box. Choose your printer, define your print options such as Page Range and Number of copies and click on the Print button to print the item.

Print Dialog



The Print Preview... option allows you to see what the printed Whiteboard page will look like. Use the Close button in the top left hand corner to close the window.
You can also use the Print Preview icon on the Content toolbar Print Preview icon to launch the print preview.

Print Preview



To save the item, export it by clicking on Export... To change the location of the saved file, click on Browse Folders, change to your desired directory and click Save. Your last save location is remembered. You can open the saved file in any program that will open it by navigating to the folder where it was saved and double clicking on the file. Whiteboards are saved as PNG files.

Export Whiteboard



Only Presenters see the Close option in the File menu. A Presenter can click on Close to close the Whiteboard from view on all screens and return everyone to the default page, a chat or questions page if that is open at the bottom of the room.

Close Whiteboard



Find out about using the Tools Menu here.




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