What's New in HPE MyRoom

Release 12.3
MyRoom mobile
  • Bug fixes and security enhancements.
MyRoom VRG
  • Enhancement for Vuzix devices.
  • Bug fixes and security enhancements.
MyRoom desktop clients
  • Snapshot saved to daily folder (setting).
  • Mac receive facial blurring from Mobile and VRG devices.
  • Bug fixes and security enhancements.
MyRoom organizations
  • Bug fixes and security enhancements.
Release 12.2
MyRoom mobile
  • Push Notifications – receive a notification when invited to a room, even if you are not logged in.
  • Facial Blurring option on live streaming videos.
  • Bug fixes and security enhancements.
MyRoom VRG
  • Enhancement for Vuzix devices.
  • Facial Blurring option on live streaming videos.
  • Bug fixes and security enhancements.
MyRoom desktop clients
  • Audio improvements.
  • Increase video resolution option.
  • Invite Improvements.
  • Live stream video layout enhancement.
  • Save annotations on Snaps.
  • Bug fixes and security enhancements.
MyRoom organizations
  • Branding, organization administrators can set brand for all rooms.
  • Content Life Cycle, organization administrators can set room content life cycle.
  • Room contacts, organization administrators can save contacts with a room for easy invite by anyone in room.
Release 12.1.1
MyRoom mobile
  • Better handling of email addresses.
MyRoom VRG
  • Remove the room owner information from rooms list.
MyRoom desktop clients (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Increase recording resolution to 1280 x 960.
  • Bug fixes.
MyRoom desktop clients (Windows 64-bit)
  • MP4 recording format available. Click here for more info.
  • MP4 Recorder bug fixes.
Release 12.1.0
MyRoom mobile and VRG clients
  • Room Management
    • Mark your favorite rooms and show only those rooms.
    • Room groups, expand and collapse groups.
  • Security, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.
  • Mobile – Contacts tab added. Start a chat with your contacts from your list.
  • VRG – HMT-1 support Indonesian language.
  • VRG – HMT-1 device able to capture background sounds.
  • VRG – setup contacts and have the VRG device invite the contact to a session.
MyRoom desktop clients
  • Date and time stamp added to Answers on the Question Manager.
  • Security, performance enhancements and bug fixes.
MyRoom desktop clients
  • Improvements to:
    • Application Share between Peer to Peer (P2P).
    • Maximize / Restore.
  • Notification on how to use Theme.
  • Misc. improvements.
Release 12.0.0
MyRoom desktop clients
  • Completely new look and feel including themes – select from one of 12 predefined themes.
  • New invitation options while in a room.
  • More connection options to allow for best meeting experience (under Settings / Connection).
  • Center stage content enhancements for showing and controlling URLs, videos, MyRoom recordings, and files.
Release 11.1.0
MyRoom mobile and VRG clients and web portal
  • Content viewing bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Resolve iOS disconnecting when device was locked.
  • Security and performance enhancements.
  • Single Sign On enhancements.
  • HMT-1 device ability to toggle “Play chat sounds” in settings.
  • Updated VRG web page.
MyRoom mobile and VRG clients and web portal
  • 32-bit Windows clients available.
  • New option for Independent URL to allow end users to determine when to launch the URL.
  • New content menu “Set as Start Page” which allows presenters / hosts to designate a MyRoom content item as the Start Page.
  • Enhancement for users who have MyRoom installed “for everyone” to use the installed client when joining from an Attend URL.
  • Designate where MyRoom saves recordings using Settings/File Handling.
  • Multiple changes for security and performance. One specific to Quick keys is the key length will increase to 6 digits and the valid duration will decrease to 10 minutes.
  • SSO process improvements for Windows.
Release 11.0.0
MyRoom Mobile and VRG clients
  • Improved participant permissions related to audio, video and content (Mobile).
  • Improved proxy handling and commands (RealWear HMT-1).
  • Enter rooms with a key without signing out of your account (Mobile).
  • Much improved text to text translations! Faster, more accurate, more reliable.
  • Enterprise Single Sign On support.
  • Sign in sequence changes to make it crisper and cleaner (Mobile).
  • Security and performance enhancements.
  • Using more enterprise friendly certificate authority for MyRoom certificates (11.0+ clients only).
  • Microphone volume level voice control (RealWear HMT-1).
  • Polish and Thai language support (RealWear HMT-1).
MyRoom mobile and VRG clients and web portal
  • Resolved character order on remote desktop sessions.
  • Much improved text to text translations! Faster, more accurate, more reliable.
  • Enterprise Single Sign On support.
  • Application share enhancements
    • Magnifier / zoom to increase visibility of a region.
    • Resolved occasional Peer to Peer not receiving share.
  • Room activity reports now show up to 50 entries per page.
  • Sign in sequence changes to make it crisper and cleaner.
  • Security enhancements and performance enhancements
    • Using more enterprise friendly certificate authority for MyRoom certificates (11.0+ clients only).
  • Audio – resolved playback of old audio when user is connected to a slow network.
Release 10.13.4
MyRoom desktop clients (Linux)
  • Greatly improved speed and stability of content drag and drop folders between rooms and within the same room.
    • Copy will typically be under 20 seconds even for large folders of data.
    • No longer need to wait for content to download or remain connected during copy.
  • New – Option to postpone updates with reminders.
  • Resolved ability to delete chat for organizations who only have Chat enabled.
  • Resolved saved table color issues.
  • Resolved streaming video issues with Ubuntu 18.04.
MyRoom desktop clients (Windows and Mac)
  • Greatly improved speed and stability of content drag and drop folders between rooms and within the same room.
    • Copy will typically be under 20 seconds even for large folders of data.
    • No longer need to wait for content to download or remain connected during copy.
  • Additional audio choices, there will be three (3) options Windows audio, QT, and WebRTC.
  • Windows audio will be default for Windows if the user has not selected QT or WebRTC previously.
  • New – Option to postpone updates with reminders.
  • Resolved ability to delete chat for organizations who only have Chat enabled.
  • Resolved Mac recording issue where multiple videos appear.
  • Resolved room activity if date format other than MMM/DD/YYYY.
  • Resolved saved table color issues.
Release 10.13.0
MyRoom desktop clients (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Refreshed icon for the desktop client.
  • Added ability to sort audio conferencing numbers when there are multiple numbers stored.
  • Additional audio enhancements
    • Additional setting for Mac when using Bluetooth headsets.
    • Audio latency issues resolved.
    • Better detection audio device selected.
  • Resolved “Bring window to front” when new chat or question arrives to not resize the window.
MyRoom Mobile client
  • Added ability to choose audio output on phones.
  • Resolved - Audio issues when taking calls during MyRoom session (iOS).
  • Resolved - Audio through Bluetooth issues.
MyRoom Visual Remote Guidance (VRG)
  • Refreshed icon for the VRG client.
  • Added ability to choose audio output on phones.
  • Added ability for Organizations to
    • Set registration durations.
    • Set password policies for organization users.
    • Send specific welcome instructions when adding new users to an Organization.
    • Register devices to more than 1 Organization (Settings / About / Get device registration key)
  • Resolved – Telestrations (annotations on live streaming video) appeared in different locations on various devices.
Release 10.12.2
  • Recording performance issues resolved.
Release 10.12.1
Release 10.12
MyRoom Client
  • Improved audio quality for desktop clients.
  • Improved memory consumption for Mac desktop clients.
  • GIF images may be used as stamps on whiteboard.
Release 10.11
Android Visual Remote Guidance (VRG)
  • Added Chat View.
  • Added annotate on content and videos capability.
  • Added received chat sound (adjustable in settings).
  • Added network health indicator (adjustable in settings).
  • Added large video resolution capability (adjustable in settings).
  • Added support for external speakers (adjustable in settings)
  • Improved Bluetooth audio integration.
  • Improved playing videos.
  • Improved HMT-1 voice command integration.
Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Audio / Video control to allow users to change noise suppression.
  • Ability to decline a request to be pulled into a MyRoom chat or room.
Release 10.10
  • 64 bit Windows, Mac and Linux clients.
  • Audio quality enhancements.
  • New settings / options for Mac and Linux users.
  • Recording enhancements to not record whiteboard tool bar in the recording.
  • Video quality enhancements.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Release 10.9.1
MyRoom Client
  • Added messaging about copying content to wait for copying to complete and when copying is complete.
  • Resolved copying empty whiteboard and notes.
  • Resolved grouped Image/Annotations not being copied and pasted correctly.
Release 10.9
MyRoom Client
  • Changes to audio bridge for Lync / Skype users.
  • Added audio wizard for first time users.
  • Added “Erase annotations” to Control Participant Features.
  • Changed “audio for all” label to “Microphone” to be more exact on what is enabled.
  • Upgraded Linux client to 10.9 from 10.4, releasing only 64bit packages, (please refer to the release notes for previous releases located www.myroom.hpe.com/Support/WhatsNew)
  • Upgraded Mac client to 10.9 from 10.4 (please refer to the release notes for previous releases located www.myroom.hpe.com/Support/WhatsNew)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) release
  • Changes to managing Organizations (web portal).
  • Enhanced streaming video for slow networks (client).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Release 10.8
Windows client
  • Bookmark feature added.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) release
  • Organization Admin may select multiple rooms for VRG device to join.
    • VRG device may choose room to enter from list
  • Chat translation (Text2Text).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Resolved receiving VRG video from Android client to older Windows OS clients.
Release 10.7
Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) release
  • Annotate live on streaming video from VRG client.
  • Chat VRG client and MyRoom Windows client.
  • Improved video streaming (resolution and FPS), auto focus, and zoom.
  • Over the Air (OTA) update process (for Android), iOS uses Apple Store updates.
  • Task lists created by Windows client and viewed by the VRG user. VRG user can move through task lists without assist from Windows client.
  • Toggle to front facing camera on phones and tablets.
  • Updated User Interface (native look and feel for Android and iOS clients) and UI available in 18 languages.
Windows client
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Release 10.6.1
  • Performance enhancements for Windows 7 users.
Release 10.6
  • Basic subscription increased from 2 person to 3 person.
  • Changed Premium Add-on subscription from 4 person to 5 person. Free for 90 days. Available as paid subscription after the free period.
  • Improvements to MyRoom remote control.
  • More work to resolve slide bouncing back to previous slide.
  • More work to resolve audio gaps.
  • Resolved: content with numbers in name sorted properly.
  • Resolved: demoted participant concerns.
  • Resolved: Edge browser(Win10 browser) now shared when using App Sharing.
  • Resolved: email support link from MyRoom client.
  • Resolved: some client aborts.
Outlook Add-In
  • Ability to schedule events if you are an Administrator of the room (no client upgrade needed, this was done on the server).
  • Client changes.
Visual Remote Guidance (VRG)
  • Released VRG for iOS on iTunes (requires subscription service).
  • Resolved some registration issues.
Release 10.5.1
  • Added - Improvements for annotation copying/moving within a single room.
  • Added - Support for Windows N versions.
  • Allow dragging additional users into Private Chat.
  • Performance enhancement for Remote Control.
  • Portal changes for users who are signed into their accounts; Users will have more application specific information at their fingertips.
  • Remembers Fit to Page setting (received app sharing window) during a session.
  • Resolved “MyRoom has stopped working” that could occur in some cases of starting the client when it was already running.
  • Resolved some Breakout Room permission errors.
  • Resolved some client aborts.
  • Resolved some drawing issues on the People Panel after reconnecting.
  • Resolved slides moving backwards by 1 slide when a large number of users enter the room.
Release 10.5
  • Added – Attendance (room activity) report for room owners and room administrators
  • HPE Visual Remote Guidance Version 2! (www.myroom.hpe.com/VRG)
  • Refreshed user interface, new MyRoom icon/logo, refreshed web pages
  • Added – Block private chat
  • Added – Business cards in content
  • Added – Copy content and paste it back into the content tree
  • Added – Eject all participants, allowing presenter to remain
  • Added – MyRoom connection health indicator, shows the status of your MyRoom connection during the chat or meeting. View other user’s MyRoom health in Audience Details
  • Added – Print to Control Participants Features, enabled by default
  • Added – URLs in content, independent and web tour
  • Chat changes – move the chat input line up if you need more space for input. When more than 500 chats are entered, a new chat page is created. Move through all chats using the advance and back arrows within Chat.
  • Recording - Increased recording resolution to 900x675 and added notification of who started the recording.
  • Table enhancement to allow background color to be added to blank cells.
  • Updates for HP Sprout
  • Linux client update to correct pop up dialog aborts.
  • Phone bridging changes to accommodate HP separation of Lync audio.
  • Client update changes for Sprout users.
  • Changed references and optimized connection for hpe.com.
  • Audio patch for pauses and delays (server side update, users do not need to update their client).
  • Received Share performance improvements for users who receive multiple shared screens at the same time (optional client upgrade).
  • Get System Information and Request Remote Control functionality restored.
  • MyRoom application (Tray) not launching automatically when option is selected is resolved.
  • MyRoom web portal users are able to complete authentication after e-mail change.
  • Table content issue resolved.
  • Windows keyboard mapping issue resolved when Request Remote Control is used.
Release 10.4
  • Enhanced MS PowerPoint and PDF conversion options. Upload native files with ease.
  • Enhancements to Visual Remote Guidance provisioning.
  • Install HPE MyRoom without Administrative privileges on the Windows PC.
  • No longer present upgrade options to users who cannot upgrade (after this upgrade).
  • Private chat within a meeting or room with 1 or more other individuals.
  • Tables, create and edit tables in the room. Allow participants to edit the table as well.
Release 10.3
  • Phone bridging to allow any user with Phone Bridging to hang up an active call.
  • Allow importing an entire folder via Import menu.
  • Change the dialog behavior when 500 chats accumulate to show the message only 1 time to user rather than every time they join a session and add a new chat.
  • Some Linux and Mac specific quality issues will be resolved.
  • Sprout option to change settings to allow enter with key.
Release 10.2
  • Bug fix for Content where content bounced back to previous slide.
  • Bug fix for Survey 'results shared/not shared' status is not properly updated.
  • Chat changes, 500 chats shown in chat window. 10,000 chats stored in chat history.
  • Drag and drop folders only to other rooms. Use export to move folder to local machine. Drag and drop single item to desktop remains available.
  • Enter a chat room even while your contact is marked “do not disturb” to look up notes and other data.
  • Keyboard shortcut toggle Microphone button. <Windows Key> + F4 (windows), <Command> + F4 (Mac), <Ctrl> + F4 (Linux). Other keyboard shortcuts available in documentation.
  • Phone Bridge change for InterCall bridge, make the DTMF tones shorter.
  • Question Manager changes, added numbers to questions and added names for user who answered question.
Release 10.1
  • Breakout room functionality added. Allow the system to automatically move participants to breakout rooms. As a host or presenter, move users to breakout rooms, or allow users to move themselves to breakout rooms. (U only)
  • Audience Details can be saved.
  • Client Upgrade for Sprout by HP
  • Chat can now include clickable links to web pages.
  • Chat, additional format option shows date, time, name and chat on same line. Font choices (Fixed/Proportional font) added to Chat.
  • Copy content folder and contents from room to room using drag and drop.
  • Help from tray or room enhanced to allow quicker access to area of interest.
  • Option added to allow users to choose to minimize MyRoom to system tray after logon.
  • PDF conversion enabled. Upload original PDF when conversions are required is an option.
  • Persistent ad hoc messaging space added to bottom of room.
  • Phone Bridge to InterCall, Lync and Inteprephone added with paid audio conferencing subscriptions. IntreprePhone from SpeechTrans allow users who speak different languages to communicate with each other in a conference call.
  • Promote/demote participant in a room, even if there is not a scheduled event in the room.
  • Room Groups and Favorites added so users can better organize their MyRoom Tray.
  • Share a selected application (not available for Mac).
  • Share selected desktop (not available for Linux). If you have more than one desktop, you can choose which desktop is shared.
  • SpeechTrans has more than 40 languages available.
  • Test your setup link added on MyRoom home page and in email event invitations.
  • Users in room can mark themselves Away/Here.
  • Resolved issue with surveys and timers that were copied to other rooms. Upgrade before copying surveys or timers to another room.
  • Better messaging when a user enters a product key but already had the product.
  • Audio change to resolve some audio issues.
Release 10.0
  • Add support for Sprout by HP
  • Add support for HP Visual Remote Guidance
  • Add stamps to whiteboard – drag an image from your machine directly to a whiteboard, resize it, move it
  • Audience Details – see OS platform, MyRoom version installed, which language is selected, and many other
  • Copy from clipboard to whiteboard
  • Dual video stream – Window users can display two cameras simultaneously (Settings -> Audio/Video -> Support Two Cameras)
  • Improved upgrade / update for Windows users
  • "My Toolbar Options" – select which tools you see when entering a room
  • Optimize packet size to allow HPE MyRoom sharing to be received on aggressive networks
  • Updated annotation tools – new calligraphy pen, updated icons, and print icon
  • Updated icon for Sharing and adding a new whiteboard
  • Upgraded "Getting Started" pages – turn off tips and the buttons become functional