What's New in HPE MyRoom
Release 12.1.1
MyRoom mobile
  • Better handling of email addresses.
MyRoom VRG
  • Remove the room owner information from rooms list.
MyRoom desktop clients (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Increase recording resolution to 1280 x 960.
  • Bug fixes.
MyRoom desktop clients (Windows 64-bit)
  • MP4 recording format available. Click here for more info.
  • MP4 Recorder bug fixes.
Release 12.1.0
MyRoom mobile and VRG clients
  • Room Management
    • Mark your favorite rooms and show only those rooms.
    • Room groups, expand and collapse groups.
  • Security, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.
  • Mobile – Contacts tab added. Start a chat with your contacts from your list.
  • VRG – HMT-1 support Indonesian language.
  • VRG – HMT-1 device able to capture background sounds.
  • VRG – setup contacts and have the VRG device invite the contact to a session.
MyRoom desktop clients
  • Date and time stamp added to Answers on the Question Manager.
  • Security, performance enhancements and bug fixes.
MyRoom desktop clients
  • Improvements to:
    • Application Share between Peer to Peer (P2P).
    • Maximize / Restore.
  • Notification on how to use Theme.
  • Misc. improvements.
Release 12.0.0
MyRoom desktop clients
  • Completely new look and feel including themes – select from one of 12 predefined themes.
  • New invitation options while in a room.
  • More connection options to allow for best meeting experience (under Settings / Connection).
  • Center stage content enhancements for showing and controlling URLs, videos, MyRoom recordings, and files.
Release 11.1.0
MyRoom mobile and VRG clients and web portal
  • Content viewing bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Resolve iOS disconnecting when device was locked.
  • Security and performance enhancements.
  • Single Sign On enhancements.
  • HMT-1 device ability to toggle “Play chat sounds” in settings.
  • Updated VRG web page.
MyRoom mobile and VRG clients and web portal
  • 32-bit Windows clients available.
  • New option for Independent URL to allow end users to determine when to launch the URL.
  • New content menu “Set as Start Page” which allows presenters / hosts to designate a MyRoom content item as the Start Page.
  • Enhancement for users who have MyRoom installed “for everyone” to use the installed client when joining from an Attend URL.
  • Designate where MyRoom saves recordings using Settings/File Handling.
  • Multiple changes for security and performance. One specific to Quick keys is the key length will increase to 6 digits and the valid duration will decrease to 10 minutes.
  • SSO process improvements for Windows.
Release 11.0.0
MyRoom Mobile and VRG clients
  • Improved participant permissions related to audio, video and content (Mobile).
  • Improved proxy handling and commands (RealWear HMT-1).
  • Enter rooms with a key without signing out of your account (Mobile).
  • Much improved text to text translations! Faster, more accurate, more reliable.
  • Enterprise Single Sign On support.
  • Sign in sequence changes to make it crisper and cleaner (Mobile).
  • Security and performance enhancements.
  • Using more enterprise friendly certificate authority for MyRoom certificates (11.0+ clients only).
  • Microphone volume level voice control (RealWear HMT-1).
  • Polish and Thai language support (RealWear HMT-1).
MyRoom mobile and VRG clients and web portal
  • Resolved character order on remote desktop sessions.
  • Much improved text to text translations! Faster, more accurate, more reliable.
  • Enterprise Single Sign On support.
  • Application share enhancements
    • Magnifier / zoom to increase visibility of a region.
    • Resolved occasional Peer to Peer not receiving share.
  • Room activity reports now show up to 50 entries per page.
  • Sign in sequence changes to make it crisper and cleaner.
  • Security enhancements and performance enhancements
    • Using more enterprise friendly certificate authority for MyRoom certificates (11.0+ clients only).
  • Audio – resolved playback of old audio when user is connected to a slow network.
Release 10.13.4
MyRoom desktop clients (Linux)
  • Greatly improved speed and stability of content drag and drop folders between rooms and within the same room.
    • Copy will typically be under 20 seconds even for large folders of data.
    • No longer need to wait for content to download or remain connected during copy.
  • New – Option to postpone updates with reminders.
  • Resolved ability to delete chat for organizations who only have Chat enabled.
  • Resolved saved table color issues.
  • Resolved streaming video issues with Ubuntu 18.04.
MyRoom desktop clients (Windows and Mac)
  • Greatly improved speed and stability of content drag and drop folders between rooms and within the same room.
    • Copy will typically be under 20 seconds even for large folders of data.
    • No longer need to wait for content to download or remain connected during copy.
  • Additional audio choices, there will be three (3) options Windows audio, QT, and WebRTC.
  • Windows audio will be default for Windows if the user has not selected QT or WebRTC previously.
  • New – Option to postpone updates with reminders.
  • Resolved ability to delete chat for organizations who only have Chat enabled.
  • Resolved Mac recording issue where multiple videos appear.
  • Resolved room activity if date format other than MMM/DD/YYYY.
  • Resolved saved table color issues.
Release 10.13.0
MyRoom desktop clients (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Refreshed icon for the desktop client.
  • Added ability to sort audio conferencing numbers when there are multiple numbers stored.
  • Additional audio enhancements
    • Additional setting for Mac when using Bluetooth headsets.
    • Audio latency issues resolved.
    • Better detection audio device selected.
  • Resolved “Bring window to front” when new chat or question arrives to not resize the window.
MyRoom Mobile client
  • Added ability to choose audio output on phones.
  • Resolved - Audio issues when taking calls during MyRoom session (iOS).
  • Resolved - Audio through Bluetooth issues.
MyRoom Visual Remote Guidance (VRG)
  • Refreshed icon for the VRG client.
  • Added ability to choose audio output on phones.
  • Added ability for Organizations to
    • Set registration durations.
    • Set password policies for organization users.
    • Send specific welcome instructions when adding new users to an Organization.
    • Register devices to more than 1 Organization (Settings / About / Get device registration key)
  • Resolved – Telestrations (annotations on live streaming video) appeared in different locations on various devices.
Release 10.12.2
  • Recording performance issues resolved.
Release 10.12.1
Release 10.12
MyRoom Client
  • Improved audio quality for desktop clients.
  • Improved memory consumption for Mac desktop clients.
  • GIF images may be used as stamps on whiteboard.
Release 10.11
Android Visual Remote Guidance (VRG)
  • Added Chat View.
  • Added annotate on content and videos capability.
  • Added received chat sound (adjustable in settings).
  • Added network health indicator (adjustable in settings).
  • Added large video resolution capability (adjustable in settings).
  • Added support for external speakers (adjustable in settings)
  • Improved Bluetooth audio integration.
  • Improved playing videos.
  • Improved HMT-1 voice command integration.
Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Audio / Video control to allow users to change noise suppression.
  • Ability to decline a request to be pulled into a MyRoom chat or room.
Release 10.10
  • 64 bit Windows, Mac and Linux clients.
  • Audio quality enhancements.
  • New settings / options for Mac and Linux users.
  • Recording enhancements to not record whiteboard tool bar in the recording.
  • Video quality enhancements.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Release 10.9.1
MyRoom Client
  • Added messaging about copying content to wait for copying to complete and when copying is complete.
  • Resolved copying empty whiteboard and notes.
  • Resolved grouped Image/Annotations not being copied and pasted correctly.
Release 10.9
MyRoom Client
  • Changes to audio bridge for Lync / Skype users.
  • Added audio wizard for first time users.
  • Added “Erase annotations” to Control Participant Features.
  • Changed “audio for all” label to “Microphone” to be more exact on what is enabled.
  • Upgraded Linux client to 10.9 from 10.4, releasing only 64bit packages, (please refer to the release notes for previous releases located www.myroom.hpe.com/Support/WhatsNew)
  • Upgraded Mac client to 10.9 from 10.4 (please refer to the release notes for previous releases located www.myroom.hpe.com/Support/WhatsNew)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) release
  • Changes to managing Organizations (web portal).
  • Enhanced streaming video for slow networks (client).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Release 10.8
Windows client
  • Bookmark feature added.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) release
  • Organization Admin may select multiple rooms for VRG device to join.
    • VRG device may choose room to enter from list
  • Chat translation (Text2Text).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Resolved receiving VRG video from Android client to older Windows OS clients.
Release 10.7
Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) release
  • Annotate live on streaming video from VRG client.
  • Chat VRG client and MyRoom Windows client.
  • Improved video streaming (resolution and FPS), auto focus, and zoom.
  • Over the Air (OTA) update process (for Android), iOS uses Apple Store updates.
  • Task lists created by Windows client and viewed by the VRG user. VRG user can move through task lists without assist from Windows client.
  • Toggle to front facing camera on phones and tablets.
  • Updated User Interface (native look and feel for Android and iOS clients) and UI available in 18 languages.
Windows client
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Release 10.6.1
  • Performance enhancements for Windows 7 users.
Release 10.6
  • Basic subscription increased from 2 person to 3 person.
  • Changed Premium Add-on subscription from 4 person to 5 person. Free for 90 days. Available as paid subscription after the free period.
  • Improvements to MyRoom remote control.
  • More work to resolve slide bouncing back to previous slide.
  • More work to resolve audio gaps.
  • Resolved: content with numbers in name sorted properly.
  • Resolved: demoted participant concerns.
  • Resolved: Edge browser(Win10 browser) now shared when using App Sharing.
  • Resolved: email support link from MyRoom client.
  • Resolved: some client aborts.
Outlook Add-In
  • Ability to schedule events if you are an Administrator of the room (no client upgrade needed, this was done on the server).
  • Client changes.
Visual Remote Guidance (VRG)
  • Released VRG for iOS on iTunes (requires subscription service).
  • Resolved some registration issues.
Release 10.5.1
  • Added - Improvements for annotation copying/moving within a single room.
  • Added - Support for Windows N versions.
  • Allow dragging additional users into Private Chat.
  • Performance enhancement for Remote Control.
  • Portal changes for users who are signed into their accounts; Users will have more application specific information at their fingertips.
  • Remembers Fit to Page setting (received app sharing window) during a session.
  • Resolved “MyRoom has stopped working” that could occur in some cases of starting the client when it was already running.
  • Resolved some Breakout Room permission errors.
  • Resolved some client aborts.
  • Resolved some drawing issues on the People Panel after reconnecting.
  • Resolved slides moving backwards by 1 slide when a large number of users enter the room.
Release 10.5
  • Added – Attendance (room activity) report for room owners and room administrators
  • HPE Visual Remote Guidance Version 2! (www.myroom.hpe.com/VRG)
  • Refreshed user interface, new MyRoom icon/logo, refreshed web pages
  • Added – Block private chat
  • Added – Business cards in content
  • Added – Copy content and paste it back into the content tree
  • Added – Eject all participants, allowing presenter to remain
  • Added – MyRoom connection health indicator, shows the status of your MyRoom connection during the chat or meeting. View other user’s MyRoom health in Audience Details
  • Added – Print to Control Participants Features, enabled by default
  • Added – URLs in content, independent and web tour
  • Chat changes – move the chat input line up if you need more space for input. When more than 500 chats are entered, a new chat page is created. Move through all chats using the advance and back arrows within Chat.
  • Recording - Increased recording resolution to 900x675 and added notification of who started the recording.
  • Table enhancement to allow background color to be added to blank cells.
  • Updates for HP Sprout
  • Linux client update to correct pop up dialog aborts.
  • Phone bridging changes to accommodate HP separation of Lync audio.
  • Client update changes for Sprout users.
  • Changed references and optimized connection for hpe.com.
  • Audio patch for pauses and delays (server side update, users do not need to update their client).
  • Received Share performance improvements for users who receive multiple shared screens at the same time (optional client upgrade).
  • Get System Information and Request Remote Control functionality restored.
  • MyRoom application (Tray) not launching automatically when option is selected is resolved.
  • MyRoom web portal users are able to complete authentication after e-mail change.
  • Table content issue resolved.
  • Windows keyboard mapping issue resolved when Request Remote Control is used.
Release 10.4
  • Enhanced MS PowerPoint and PDF conversion options. Upload native files with ease.
  • Enhancements to Visual Remote Guidance provisioning.
  • Install HPE MyRoom without Administrative privileges on the Windows PC.
  • No longer present upgrade options to users who cannot upgrade (after this upgrade).
  • Private chat within a meeting or room with 1 or more other individuals.
  • Tables, create and edit tables in the room. Allow participants to edit the table as well.
Release 10.3
  • Phone bridging to allow any user with Phone Bridging to hang up an active call.
  • Allow importing an entire folder via Import menu.
  • Change the dialog behavior when 500 chats accumulate to show the message only 1 time to user rather than every time they join a session and add a new chat.
  • Some Linux and Mac specific quality issues will be resolved.
  • Sprout option to change settings to allow enter with key.
Release 10.2
  • Bug fix for Content where content bounced back to previous slide.
  • Bug fix for Survey 'results shared/not shared' status is not properly updated.
  • Chat changes, 500 chats shown in chat window. 10,000 chats stored in chat history.
  • Drag and drop folders only to other rooms. Use export to move folder to local machine. Drag and drop single item to desktop remains available.
  • Enter a chat room even while your contact is marked “do not disturb” to look up notes and other data.
  • Keyboard shortcut toggle Microphone button. <Windows Key> + F4 (windows), <Command> + F4 (Mac), <Ctrl> + F4 (Linux). Other keyboard shortcuts available in documentation.
  • Phone Bridge change for InterCall bridge, make the DTMF tones shorter.
  • Question Manager changes, added numbers to questions and added names for user who answered question.
Release 10.1
  • Breakout room functionality added. Allow the system to automatically move participants to breakout rooms. As a host or presenter, move users to breakout rooms, or allow users to move themselves to breakout rooms. (U only)
  • Audience Details can be saved.
  • Client Upgrade for Sprout by HP
  • Chat can now include clickable links to web pages.
  • Chat, additional format option shows date, time, name and chat on same line. Font choices (Fixed/Proportional font) added to Chat.
  • Copy content folder and contents from room to room using drag and drop.
  • Help from tray or room enhanced to allow quicker access to area of interest.
  • Option added to allow users to choose to minimize MyRoom to system tray after logon.
  • PDF conversion enabled. Upload original PDF when conversions are required is an option.
  • Persistent ad hoc messaging space added to bottom of room.
  • Phone Bridge to InterCall, Lync and Inteprephone added with paid audio conferencing subscriptions. IntreprePhone from SpeechTrans allow users who speak different languages to communicate with each other in a conference call.
  • Promote/demote participant in a room, even if there is not a scheduled event in the room.
  • Room Groups and Favorites added so users can better organize their MyRoom Tray.
  • Share a selected application (not available for Mac).
  • Share selected desktop (not available for Linux). If you have more than one desktop, you can choose which desktop is shared.
  • SpeechTrans has more than 40 languages available.
  • Test Your Setup link added on MyRoom home page and in email event invitations.
  • Users in room can mark themselves Away/Here.
  • Resolved issue with surveys and timers that were copied to other rooms. Upgrade before copying surveys or timers to another room.
  • Better messaging when a user enters a product key but already had the product.
  • Audio change to resolve some audio issues.
Release 10.0
  • Add support for Sprout by HP
  • Add support for HP Visual Remote Guidance
  • Add stamps to whiteboard – drag an image from your machine directly to a whiteboard, resize it, move it
  • Audience Details – see OS platform, MyRoom version installed, which language is selected, and many other
  • Copy from clipboard to whiteboard
  • Dual video stream – Window users can display two cameras simultaneously (Settings -> Audio/Video -> Support Two Cameras)
  • Improved upgrade / update for Windows users
  • "My Toolbar Options" – select which tools you see when entering a room
  • Optimize packet size to allow HPE MyRoom sharing to be received on aggressive networks
  • Updated annotation tools – new calligraphy pen, updated icons, and print icon
  • Updated icon for Sharing and adding a new whiteboard
  • Upgraded "Getting Started" pages – turn off tips and the buttons become functional
Release 9.8
  • Outlook Add-in - schedule meetings directly with Outlook 2010 or 2013
  • Room layout and configuration remembered from session to session
  • Tray improvements for Contacts – see online or all contacts with a click of the button
  • Tray improvements for Rooms – added icons for copy, copy URL and e-mail to event scheduling, additional key type added
  • SpeechTrans upgraded to increase number of available languages
  • Improved keys
    • Quick keys are now valid for 15 minutes
    • Additional key types – Presentation keys (similar to quick keys but user sets duration from 30 minutes to 12 hours) and persistent keys (valid until revoked)
    • Keys can be created, and revoked from the new >> pull down next to the key icon in the room and from the Rooms tab
  • Control of participant view is always available for presenters
Release 9.7.0222
  • Client update provides better audio experience
  • Remove 'GetTickCount64' function calls from client installation files
Release 9.7
  • Recording - save locally B 5 minutes P 2 hours
  • 'Get Started' page for presenters and participants
  • First room automatically created for new user account creation
  • Direct access to documentation from the ‘?’ icon
  • Direct access to your HPE MyRoom account by clicking on the HP logo when signed into your account
  • Update Chat layout
  • Updated MyRoom Settings layout
  • New snap region
  • ‘Baton’ control for MyRoom Note feature (know who is editing) P
  • Button to manage people and room features P
      Configure room for participants (AKA Participant controls) is located under room control
  • Survey tool U
      See trends when surveys are used over and over
  • Yes / No polling P
  • Persistent keys – keep the same key for all meetings P
Release 9.6
  • Android MyRoom (participant view client) available via Google Play Store
  • Added drag and drop folder into content
  • Added timers for training events (HPE MyRoom Training Solution)
  • Improved HPE MyRoom audio
  • Refreshed look and feel of MyRoom client
  • Client update for MyRoom SpeechTrans users
Release 9.5.2
  • Added additional format to display dates in DD/MM/YYYY format in Settings/Options
  • Added year to date in Questions tab, Time column
  • Enable product launch for Windows with no media player (Windows editions N and KN)
  • Indicate user's name and "Paused" under paused video
Enhancements to HPE MyRoom events
  • Added change Event Information button in room status bar to allow easy access to editing event/teleconference information
  • Enable microphone and camera individually from Hand Up
  • Enable microphone and camera individually per event participant
Enhancements to HPE MyRoom Assist (formerly known as HP MyRoom Premium Remote Control Desktop)
  • Added ability to get System Information from remote machine and save as .txt
  • Added ability to control a Windows Server through a Windows desktop to Windows Server RDP connection
  • Enable copy from local machine, paste to remote machine
  • Enable copy from remote machine, paste to local machine
  • Improved handling for the following features on network reconnects
    1. Audio call in Chat Rooms
    2. Status in the room and also your availability in HPE MyRoom tray
  • Corrected File menu export for non-supported file types
  • Bring existing application into focus whether clicking on system tray icon, start menu, or desktop icon
Release 9.5.1
  • Change time format between 12 and 24 hour clock
  • Chat enhancements
    1. Save as HTML
  • Questions enhancements
    1. Save as HTML
    2. Answering Questions added
  • Video appearance and functionality changes:
    1. Choice between viewing video in:
      • Center viewing area
      • Left viewing area
      • Movable popup window
    2. Pause your video
    3. Picture in Picture Mode when two users are chatting
  • Request Remote Control for Windows, Mac and Linux clients
    (available for purchase in the MyRoom Store)
  • Transfer Control to others
    (available for purchase in the MyRoom Store)
  • Event lead time changed from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
    Presenters and participants may enter an event 30 minutes before the scheduled start time

Effective December 13, 2013, HPE MyRoom will no longer integrate with Box. This change will not impact files stored in your Box account; however, to access your files you will need to login to your Box account from the following URL: https://app.box.com/login/.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause.